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Use online casino bonus correctly

onus promotions always look pretty attractive at first glance. No wonder that they are always happily accepted by players. After all, who doesn't like to receive gifts - and on such a large scale? The best offers are only useful if you know that you can use the online casino bonus correctly . Don't worry: the whole thing is not complicated. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to be familiar with the basics of such starting credits and to know how the associated conditions can be met as quickly as possible. Basically, we advise our readers to take a close look at the offers. Because also in the world of the best online casinos. All that glitters is not always gold. no matter how lucrative and promising it looks.

Casino bonus - what to watch out for

  • What is the maximum bonus?
  • From what deposit amount is there a claim?
  • How often does the bonus have to be implemented?
  • Which games are approved for implementation?
  • Are roulette, blackjack and co. Counted?
  • Does the use of "wrong" games lead to expiry?
  • What are the time limits?
  • Does the casino bonus require a deposit?

Read conditions and rules

It is imperative to inform you when it comes to bonus promotions and their correct use. Not every offer is set up the same, and almost every online casino has conditions. So before you accept money, you should know which guidelines you are bound to with the claim. If you play without a casino bonus , winnings can be paid out immediately. However, when the starting credit is received, this entitlement expires, because the bonus plus the money you have paid in must usually be used several times. This “ implementation“Is handled differently depending on the provider. Sometimes it is enough to play through the total 20 times, but often 30, 40 or 50 implementations are given. Not only does it take time, but you also need luck. After all, your budget may be gone before the goal is achieved.

Casino bonus wagering on slot machines

If online casinos accept the implementation at classic tables - such as roulette, baccarat or blackjack - then there is usually a huge catch. Let's say you deposit € 100 and receive a 100% bonus with € 100 as well. If the 20-fold wagering is required, you have to invest in total stakes of at least 4,000 euros before you are entitled to winnings. In most cases, wagers on slot machines are 100% recognized. Every euro that is put in here ends up in your bonus accountas "done". With classic games, however, the whole thing looks different. Since there are also differences in this point, it is essential that you read the terms and conditions of the provider you have selected. If, for example, only 25% are credited, the implementation takes four times as long. This, in turn, cannot be compatible with the usually given time limits , because if you only have two weeks left, the probability that the bonus will expire before then is far too high.

Conclusion on the casino bonus

For the aforementioned reason, we recommend that you always use the online casino bonus on slot machines first. If you are through with it, you can of course put all your winnings into the gaming tables of your choice at any time and without further conditions. Even high roller bets take too long there if the implementation has not yet been met. In addition, there are even companies that completely rule out classic casino games such as roulette. Anyone who violates this rule will not only lose the bonus, but also all amounts earned up to that point.

Of course there are exceptions in the industry - such as the National Casino. There are special bonus offers for roulette and blackjack players. The associated guidelines are a bit simpler. But there are rules there too. For example, no bets may be made that rule out a risk ( betting on red and black at the same time, for example). If you should use an online casino bonus correctly and, above all, make effective progress, the average payout percentages of the various slot machines are also interesting for you. The better a slot pays, the more likely it is to qualify for the payout of winnings. It goes without saying that you need a bit of luck to achieve the set goals in the right time frame. However, reputable online casinos make it easy for you to implement them. Then nothing stands in the way of paying out winnings.

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