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The definition of a reflective writing essay

When we are talking about the essays people often think of different types. Some prefer to write typical school essays about books, while others enjoy writing various describing essays. All of the types deserve a place to be. But when we start talking about everyday life, you can face some new types. For example, when we are looking around the Web, you can notice things like the literature reviews or various blogs and diaries. Well, if you get deeper into the writing field, you will realize that all of these are actually the same type. It is called a reflective essay. It is a type of essay that needs you to think about what you see around you. It is quite similar to the descriptive essays. You also have to tell the reader about the things around you and what is going on there. However, that is the only similarity between these two. The thing that makes reflective writing different from the others is the fact that it needs you to participate in the action too. For example, in descriptive essays, you have to exclude yourself. If you are describing the nature around you there is a rule that you do not even say that you are the observer. Instead, you are just reporting about everything. In the reflective essays, you do everything in a different way. You try to picture the things from your point of view. Tell the reader about your feelings about the things that surround you, add some comments on the events that are going on nearby and which you can see at that moment of time. The reflective essay is meant to be about your own feelings and the way you see things. Therefore, do not be shy to tell about what your thoughts on the subject are. To make things easier for you, here are some hints on the structure and what to add there.

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  • Thesis statement
  • Just like always, the thesis statement might seem to be the most important part of this genre. Yet, we are seeing that sometimes thesis statement is not as valuable as in the normal essays. Sure, you have to create some kind of a topic in this type of writing, but generally speaking, the thesis is not going to be as influential as some of the other parts of the writing. However, that does not mean that you are free to simply forget about this part at all. Instead, try to make it more valuable than it should be. Add some of the thoughts that you might feel are not necessary, add some personal stuff to the topic of the description and observation. Starting a reflective essay with your own thoughts that are not exactly fully related to the topic is also a nice practice. Yet, make sure that the thoughts have at least some ties to the actual text. This way you are going to get readers attention easily. By the way, if at this point you are thinking “I wish someone would write my thesis paper”, this is not the best place to do that. The reflective essay is hard to write if you are talking from someone’s perspective. Therefore, only professionals are able to do so.

  • Body Paragraphs
  • One of the most important parts of any kind of text is the middle part. Sure, that might seem wrong, as people often say that the thesis is much more important. Yet, in the thesis statement, we are just giving the tone to the text, while the body paragraphs are the actual place that gives the answers to the questions you might want to ask. For example, if you are looking to find something useful you are surely not going to look for it at the beginning of the book. In the reflective essays, you are going to put most of the information in this part of the text. Therefore, you will have to add some of your own thoughts on the things, as well as some graphical information to make the reader feel the same feelings that you have to form that place.

  • Conclusion
  • In the reflective essays, you can call this part the most important. Sure, everyone would feel like it has nothing to do with the importance, as the thesis and body of the text have everything you need as a reader. Yet, you might be missing one thing. That is the fact that the reflective essays are a genre that requires a lot of writer’s thoughts. Therefore, you will have to put in a lot of your feelings at the end of the story. Just go through the body paragraph and try to remember all of the feelings that you had when at the described place. That will be enough to write something about that thing or place in the end. Make sure that you are honest with your readers, as that will make them feel like you are telling them an interesting story by the fire.

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