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Spider-Man 3: Desura Game Review

The third part of the Spider-Man movie adventures turned out to be surprisingly faded and indistinct URL. A couple of hundred million American presidents went to create stunning special effects, but the authors did not allow themselves to take care of the plot content of the picture. As a result - huge box office receipts, enthusiastic cries of fans of a beautiful picture and complete emptiness inside after watching.

According to the good old tradition, the premieres of blockbusters are accompanied by releases of the game projects of the same name. So it was with the two previous installments of Spider-Man Movie , and the triquel was no exception. For the adaptation of Parker's virtual adventures on all consoles known to science, the studio Vicarious Visions undertook , as the publisher of the title, Activision , as usual... Remembering the bitter experience of past creations, developers this time approached their responsibilities with much greater responsibility. And although the masterpiece from Spider-Man 3 predictably did not come out, the project managed to raise the bar for the quality of the series by a couple of flights.

The wide range of target platforms has led to the need to create different versions of the game. Praise be to Allah, the developers have guessed to port to the PC Xbox 360 and PS3 editions, which are essentially modified editions of Spider-Man 2 of the 2004 model. The owners of PS2 and Wii, on the other hand, received a new product, absolutely miserable and terrible.

However, almost all the sores of the second part in full force migrated to the sequel. The main one - management - still causes a lot of inconvenience. Simply put, playing without a comfortable gamepad is simply impossible - Spidey's flights across huge New York turn into a sheer nightmare.

The plot of the game, surprisingly, only occasionally intersects with the storyline of the film. In addition to the cinematic lines of Venom and the Sandman, the writers of Vicarious Visions burst into eight more stories. Sandman, New Goblin, Venom, Scorpion, Lizard and Kingpin - there are more than enough villains, since almost limitless comic resources allow you to make such hodgepodge. However, chasing quantity, game makers forgot about quality. Thus, it turned out that none of the presented campaigns was fully disclosed. In addition, the stories are not connected to each other in any way, due to which there is no logical connection between the plot lines. In fact, it all sounds like a hastily concocted mix of Spider-Man 's most spectacular moments.... You get all anti-heroes at once and not a single whole storyline in the kit. This approach is perfect for directing killer trailers, but not for creating a good story. The number of missions, by the way, this time stopped at 42 pieces.

If you've ever dabbled in the role of Spider-Man, then the game mechanics of the triquel will not be a revelation. Of course, provided you have a good joystick. With a skillful symbiosis with a console manipulator, it is extremely pleasant to control Parker. Since the protagonist spends virtually all his time in the air, flying beautifully between the slender rows of skyscrapers, the gamepad should not be anyhow, but always with two analog levers. The standard computer controls, keyboard and mouse, are implemented so badly that you just have to turn them off as unnecessary. Try to play on the "rodent" on your own and you are provided with several dozen dead nerve cells.

As in previous parts of the Spider-Man 3 eventunfolds in the "Big Apple". The largest city in the United States is presented completely in the open - you can kill a good half hour for just one study of local spaces. Moving around the metropolis is mainly carried out by swinging on a strong web from one building to another. Flying around the city is by far the best part of the game. This moment is realized so effectively that sometimes the hero's dizzying somersaults are naturally breathtaking. The buildings are lavishly detailed, the streets are teeming with traffic and crowds of people, the dynamic change of the time of day is actively working - in a word, it is impressive. The only drawback is that the journey from one end of the map to the other takes at least five minutes, and such routes have to be done quite often.

In addition to story missions, a bunch of side quests are scattered around the city. Walking on the rooftops, Spidey can easily get into an unplanned skirmish. Fortunately, there is no need to participate in all additional quests. You always have a city map at your fingertips, allowing you to sensibly assess the situation. The very structure of the game has undergone a significant change. From now on, completing mini-quests is not a sufficient and necessary condition to gain access to new story missions. The side and main levels are considered in isolation from each other. It will take you about 10-12 hours of net time to complete the title campaign. Of course, with the active implementation of non-key tasks, the duration of the gameplay will increase significantly. Another thing is that now it is everyone's choice. Do you want to quickly cut with all the enemies and, with a sense of accomplishment, hide the disk on the far shelf? - For God's sake. Do you want to complete the game 100% and completely clear New York of bandits and intruders? - You're welcome.

Sadly, some of the random quests have been borrowed entirely from previous installments in the series. But even completely new missions sometimes seem absolutely absurd. Why would a young Parker suddenly become a bomb-deflector? Quick Time Action is another matter - a new game mode, in other words, a kind of familiar mini-games. The meaning of the innovation lies in the fact that the character, with some participation of the player, must create something unimaginable. For example, overcome a complex laser alarm system. All you have to do is press the required buttons in time. Didn't have time - if you please start over.

Where is Spider-Man 3begins to seriously fail, so it is in the fighting scenes. The combat elements of the game have undergone minor changes since the release of the prequel. As before, the scheme of the fight consists of frantically pressing certain keys. Over time, the effectiveness of the same blows systematically increases, plus, in addition, Spider-Man learns a number of special techniques. As you pass from the bulk of the various movements, several of the most useful ones begin to stand out. They then have to be used in the future, the rest of the bundles disappear as unnecessary. However, the main problem with the combat mode is the excessive reliance on slow-mo. When Spidey's ability to slow down is activated, the game becomes too easy. Ordinary opponents, when bullet-time is on, are carried out at once. In this way, you can easily clear entire rooms in a few seconds, teeming with unfriendly personalities. Well, at least in battles with bosses, this counter can be used a limited number of times, otherwiseSpider-Man 3 could be safely recommended for elementary school students.

By the way about the Glavgads. Every villain on a global scale requires an individual approach. It is one thing to beat up weak extras, and another thing to deal with powerful mutants. Time dilation mode promotes victories, but you have to think with your head. A prime example is the fight with the giant lizard, Dr. Connors's failed experiment. First, an overgrown reptile must be thrown into a row of energy generators and only then proceed to its systematic beating, read - calling out.

The camera is no less dissatisfied. The virtual operator is not trained even in the basics of his business. He does not know how to position himself behind the hero's back when Spidey is strenuously rushing around in a circle, trying to avoid attacks from enemies. Therefore, the position of the camera has to be adjusted manually, and this, I must say, is a very unpleasant task. At times it happens that you are completely lost in constant attempts to position the camera in the most convenient way - it becomes completely impossible to make out where the character is and where the opponents are. But the worst thing begins in missions, the passage of which is not complete without flying around the city. The image jumps from side to side, and bouts of nausea slowly approach the throat. This is especially evident in the minutes of crawling along the walls - this is where it is not easy to determine the locations of the top and bottom. It’s impossible to get used to such tricks. The irritation about the operators' curvature gradually builds up to the boiling point, well at least the game is short enough.

In terms of graphics, Spider-Man 3looks no worse than its counterparts on new generation consoles, and if you raise all available settings to the maximum limit, the product will shine much more. True, in this case, it is worth accepting the terrible brakes that arise even on the most advanced configurations. But in comparison with other representatives of the genre, the brainchild of Vicarious Visions is in a losing position. It's all about the contrast of visual performance. The already mentioned superbly recreated New York is combined with squalid models of people. Spider-Man's spectacular moves are spoiled by horrific character animations. There are practically no physical effects, the interactivity of the environment tends to zero. Moreover, often one has to witness the embarrassment of the local engine - then the enemies will get stuck in the walls, or half fall into the floor, or even the glavger himself will get bogged down in the fence. Rollers on the engine somewhat smooth out the impression. The scary models of cut-scene participants fade into the background thanks to the excellent setting of the intros.

The sound part of the game is made at a predictable quality level. The tidbit is participation in the voice acting of the actors from the original tape. Tobey Maguire, James Franco, Thomas Hayden, Topher Grace and JK Simmons gave their voices to the heroes. In the stellar company there was no place only for Kirsten Dunst, who for a number of personal reasons did not have time to start work. However, the Hollywood luminaries did not fully work out their fabulous fees. Sometimes it seems that the actors reading the text are thoughts far from the recording studio. The inimitable Bruce Campbell plays the voice-over narrator.

Music does not cause disgust, but also special sympathy - ordinary compositions that do a good job with their background role. The motives for the battle scenes are well chosen. In general - a typical soundtrack, half ripped from the movie.

Let's summarize. Spider-man 3failed to break out of the gray mass of "games based on". An awful camera, awkward fights, annoying brakes and weak artificial intelligence put an end to another game adaptation of Peter Parker's adventures. Exciting flights around New York and exciting mini-games improve the situation a little, but this is clearly not enough. It seems that the PC version has not been properly optimized. This is clearly hinted at by the impossibility of human control using the keyboard and mouse, as well as clearly overestimated system requirements. However, if you count yourself among the notorious Spidey fans, Spider-Man 3 is what you need. The rest - strictly at will.

Pros: dizzying flights across the giant New York, high-quality videos.
Cons: insane camera, incomplete combat system, poor optimization, strange AI.


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