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Tips for promoting blog in Yandex

Do you have your own blog and do you want to make money? There is nothing easier. There is a Runet blog rating that allows you to learn about the most popular bloggers of the Russian-speaking Internet space.

Such a rating is drawn up with the various indicators, most of them are of paramount importance:

- How often other bloggers refer to this resource,

- What resources give links to your blog,

- the number of blog comments,

- Number of blog readers.

This is only part of the parameters that are important not only for blogs, but also for sites. In particular, if you need site promotion in Yandex, these parameters also matter.

At the same time, the search robot Yandex also has its own characteristics. For example, preference is given to the resources located on popular platforms, in particular, LiveJournal and LiveInternet. However, comments are well indexed only in LJ. On offline blogs are often not indexed comments. Also, the overall rating is made up once a day, the rating on autonomous resources is usually updated more than three to five days.

Usually in the top there are LJ diaries, which are enough in the network. While autonomous blogs are not as popular and do not reach the tops, although they can even be more interesting for readers. If you firmly decided to improve the position of your site, then you will need to resort to some actions.

It is best if other Internet users will refer to your blog. It is easy to achieve this, you just need to write interesting cognitive posts. Many act differently - placed frankly provocative information. The more links, the better for the blog.

It is important that on your blog as much comments as possible. Thus, you can be in the section "Popular Records", and your post will read even more people. It's not so difficult to achieve this, again you need to write something interesting or scandalous.

The least points gives the number of subscribers, but this is also important. You can attract a blog reading friends, acquaintances, relatives that have accounts in LJ or LiveInternet. Of course, 10-20 followers of the role will not play, but here is 110 or 120 - this is already plus to your popularity in Yandex.

The main thing is to constantly develop. As soon as you decide that your blog has become super-popular and no longer need to do it, its rating will begin to fall. Constant resource support is a guarantee of success. orbex space

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