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Resume designer: the rules and features of drawing up

The work of a designer is the union of knowledge, skills, experience, and a bright personality. All this should be consistently and expressively reflected in the interior designer resume ( You should not turn a standard description into a carnival, but still your taste and ability to declare yourself should feel in the text.


The designer's work is the improvement of the outside world, its specific manifestations. The resume of a specialist depends on the focus of his work and what skills he already has. For both web designer and fashion designer (interior, printing, landscape, industrial...) it is important to have a portfolio that will best illustrate the resume.


It makes sense that a designer's resume is not just a typed text with no more self-presentation than information. Your document is comparable to a cognitive map: a future employer looks, reads, sees, remembers. The information should literally catch the eye. There should be no long sentences, long lists and unreadable fonts.

It makes sense that an employer would expect a creative resume. To do this, you need to think about what visual form will not only make your document memorable, but will also be a business card of your aesthetic preferences. For example, you are a fan of the chebby-chic style, and very often you are approached precisely with a request to recreate it. It makes sense that your resume should be designed in the same recognizable style.

If you place your resume on special job search sites, you can include a "I want to cooperate" clause.

An example of what to write in this paragraph:

  • with design studios;
  • with advertising agencies;
  • with clothing companies (for designer clothes);
  • with architectural bureaus (for the designer-architect).

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