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The Truth About the Ninth Company: An Y8 Overview

After watching the sensational Russian blockbuster called "The Ninth Company ", Dmitry Puchkov (better known in wider public circles as Goblin) came to the disappointing conclusion that the filmmakers, such scoundrels, have again misinterpreted everything. This blatant injustice is evidenced by very unflattering epithets, both in the direction of the film and in the address of Fyodor Bondarchuk himself . Dmitry Yuryevich conducted his own investigation and, to the evil of greedy filmmakers, he decided to show the deceived viewer how everything really happened. Y8Games volunteered to help the “senior operative” in this difficult undertaking .

However, the development of the game "The Truth About the Ninth Company"Took over an unknown studio from the Chelyabinsk region, Extreme Developers . The office's track record includes only one game, Anti-Terror: Scorpion , which, thank God, never saw the light of day. In general, Extreme Developers is a great choice if you want to prove something to someone.

Ultimately, on February 15, 2008, The Truth About the Ninth Company appeared in three different collectible sets: along with a travel flask, an army belt, and a paratrooper vest. This is despite the fact that the creators were allegedly guided primarily by Conscience (yes, with a capital letter), and not by a thirst for easy money. By the way, "The Truth About the Ninth Company " is positioned as "the first Russian documentary game." Do you smell the catch, right?

In short, we have in stock: the night of January 7-8, 1988, Afghanistan, Hill 3234, the ninth company of the 345th Guards Independent Parachute Regiment - on the one hand, and a myriad army of unfriendly "spirits" - on the other. Dushmans are trying to break through the line of the Soviet army, while ours, accordingly, were ordered to defend the positions. The player looks at the events through the eyes of several soldiers of the ninth company. The main idea is to restrain the onslaught of superior enemy troops by possible means (read: AK / heavy machine gun / artillery crew / SVD - depending on the episode). Say what you like, here it is - the realism, about which the developers so much talked about: hundreds of enemy kamikazes selflessly throw themselves under bullets, and strong warriors of the ninth company can easily withstand a couple of direct hits to the head from a Stinger or an anti-tank grenade launcher.

But killing spirits is really not easy. Not least thanks to the terrible graphics of 2000-2001: gray figures of enemy infantrymen simply merge with gray trees, gray rocks and even gray snow. Although, developers would probably say that the enemy soldiers just knew how to disguise themselves well. On the other hand, we have not been "pleased" with such angular and vile models of allies for a long time. "Spirits" - all are identical, as if they were on the pick, they look the same, run the same, shoot the same and die the same. A kind of guard of the same type of tin soldiers, cast from the same mold. Developers in their wilderness never heard of such a word as "special effects". But at first glance it is clear that the engine is self-made, written from scratch - even the most insolent company would be ashamed to sell such an outrage.

The complexity of individual episodes is off the charts (for example, "The Second Attack"). Due to ill-considered moments, the player is forced to replay the levels several dozen times. Naturally, there can be no talk of any patriotic feelings - here you will hate not only "spirits", but also your careless protégé, who cannot get into another dummy on the fifth or sixth attempt. Help from the allies is like a goat of milk: comrades in arms cannot offend even a fly, what can we say about an Afghan bruiser armed to the teeth?

The only positive moment in the game is the abundant amount of encyclopedic information about the war in Afghanistan in general, Operation Magistral and about the ninth company in particular. But this, you know, is little consolation.


Finally, what is Dmitry Puchkov's vision? He claims that no one forgot the ninth company at the height, only 6 of 39 people died. The capture of height 3234 is part of Operation Magistral, the purpose of which was to break the blockade of the city of Khost and provide the population with food and medicine. We do not want to question this version - such things should be dealt with by historians. But, let me ask you, why present the truth in such a perverted form? Indeed, only crazy masochists and, perhaps, game journalists (and even then on duty) will be able to play the " Truth about the ninth company ".

Moreover, the greed of the creators of this miracle is seen in everything. Have you ever thought about getting rich? But they released the collector's edition in three versions exactly by February 23rd. Did you want to reveal the truth to the world? But, nevertheless, they played on the popularity of the brand. Instead of pseudo wars with Bondarchuk, comrades, it is better to shoot your own documentary, but leave the development of games to professionals. This is not yours.

Pros: true story; an abundance of encyclopedic information about the war in Afghanistan.
Cons: lack of declared realism; godlessly outdated graphics; annoying gameplay; overestimated complexity of some episodes.


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