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Preparing and posting resumes

The form of the resume

Another thing to keep in mind that human resources and personnel specialists as a specific company, and in the staffing agency may require additional data to the sample resume. For example, hobbies and interests of the applicant. This kind of information may be required by employers in cases where the candidate's communication skills and ability to integrate into the team are very important for the position or the employer itself.

Recruitment agencies have different approaches to references from previous jobs. For some, it is a prerequisite and part of any resume. For others, it is not such important information that needs to be specified, because if necessary, these details can be found out later. The truth, as always, is in the middle: it will be better if you have this data on hand, just in case.

So, in order to find a job, a well-drafted resume should reflect:

  • All the necessary information about the candidate that the employer may need (name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, work experience, education (basic and additional), address, telephone, etc.).
  • The resume should not contain unnecessary information, your motto is brevity.
  • Resume should be written according to a certain sample and reflect those necessary skills of the applicant, which are required for the job.
  • The resume must be truthful.
  • It should not contain long sentences or errors.

How to prepare and post your resume

Before sending your resume to the employer, check it thoroughly again.

The experience of hiring managers shows that the most common mistakes found in best resume writing services online are as follows:

  • No telephone number for contact (neither home nor cell phone) is listed.
  • Incorrect date of birth.
  • No information about education.
  • A lot of incomprehensible abbreviations and acronyms (for example, schools or former places of work).
  • Illiteracy, a large number of a variety of errors, both stylistic and grammatical.
  • Excessive style of presentation, reminiscent of a workbook.

Often asked if you need to attach a photograph to the resume. There is no definite answer. If the presence of photographs is not required, then just in case it's better to have a few pieces in stock, because later they may be needed. But not right away.

Today, the most popular way to send a resume is by e-mail. But the traditional way of sending letters by mail should not be underestimated either.

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