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Popular sports and markets for betting in Thailand

There are many sports and markets on which Thai punters can bet. Generally, Thai punters are known to have certain tastes when it comes to betting, especially on bullfighting and cockfighting. But since most of the betting sites available in Thailand are in other countries, most punters still focus on betting on soccer. Naturally, besides soccer, other sports such as basketball and tennis are also popular, as they are in most countries. One popular site is Parimatch Thailand.


Popular sports betting

Although Thai culture has different tastes when it comes to betting, traditional sports betting is what you have in Thailand. Therefore, the most popular sports are:

  • Soccer. When talking about sports betting, remember that soccer is what everyone thinks about first because it is the most popular sport and most people are interested in it. So it's not at all strange that it would be the most popular sport for betting in Thailand. Soccer also has a variety of bets on the game, which makes it doubly interesting. It also has a high payout, as many people love soccer. And whether it's the minor leagues or the major leagues, all bets are sure to be open.
  • Basketball. Basketball is considered another common sport. And it has just as many fans as soccer because of its exciting style of play and results-driven games that make betting that much more fun. Because of all this, it is considered a talisman that fascinates many people. Many Thai players like basketball for the simplicity of the game - many basketball odds are 50-50 (like flipping a coin).
  • Boxing. Boxing is another sport that Thais pay a lot of attention to because it is the national sport. Many boxing events are also held in Thailand. Boxing also falls under many styles of betting, whether it is international boxing or Thai boxing, it is open to betting on every fight at the best price.
  • Racing. Horse racing has long been a competitive sport both overseas and in Thailand. Because of its nature, it has always been a very popular sport for betting. In addition, online bookmakers waste no time waiting for horse racing and Thai punters can bet on horse racing at any time.
  • Tennis. The last sport is tennis. It is believed that there are not many people in Thailand who play this sport, but this is not that far from the truth. There are also competitions throughout the year, so Thais are often constantly betting on tennis. As one of the top five sports in the world, it is also very popular in Thailand.

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