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Dining table finishes

Your dining table is a place to relax in the heart of your home. Behind him, children do homework, guests at parties gather for him and behind it you solve even the smallest tasks, for example, compose a list of products. Choose the finished table to express your sense of style, whether it be French country, modern or an eclectic combination of various types of decor.

Enjoy romance

The finish in the rustic style evokes thoughts of a romantic country rest. Decorative decoration, demonstrating the natural beauty of a tree, is great for busy households. If you restore the table, you have the opportunity to choose a stain to your liking. Dark spots create a more modern sensation, and light spots allow the texture of the tree to appear, which suggests the old farm table. When you restore the table, beat its surface with a heavy chain from a household store to create a shabby look. If the finished table is more than your style, find a handmade dining table from a master using old -world furniture manufacturing technologies.

Awesome smooth finish

A modern dining table fits into an elegant or minimalist decor. Mid-century modern tables are usually less traditional and, as a rule, are covered with wooden veneer. Simple rectangular Mason tables can be finished with wood of different shades. Choose any of these styles for your modern dining room or kitchen. For something completely unusual, finish the dining table with a zinc leaf. The industrial style allows you to get a slightly reflecting surface for food with the effect of matte nickel. The strength of the metal withstands daily strikes and the fall of serving objects.

Bad style

Turn your dining table into the spotlight, making it the most bizarre object in the room. One of the options is to paint it bright, for example, in a sunny yellow or Mediterranean blue. For contrast, complement the table with wooden or acrylic chairs. Use stencils to decorate the countertop with a beautiful pattern. Choose a large -scale cavalry stencil in the form of a quatrophoid to create a French country or imitate an old pharmacy label using stencils of letters to create an individual message. Apply a stain on the paint and seal it by giving the table an antique look.

One of a kind of a dining table

If you want not a wooden decoration of the dining table, use epoxy tar to create a glossy surface resistant to scratches. Seal in epoxy resin such items as a penny, roots of tickets for a concert, postcards or work created by your children to make the table truly individual. The dining table with such a finish can be dirty, so make sure that you work in a well -ventilated room, and put plastic napkins under the table during the application of epoxy. Termite Treatment Brisbane or Termite Inspection Brisbane or Termite Control Brisbane

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