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Men's habits annoying women

Alas, but there are no ideal men. Each of them has habits that are not acceptable to female floors and sometimes they are able to introduce us to the state of aggression. What exactly causes a special rejection? What are the men's habits, annoying women?

One of the most unloved features of male behavior is their tendency to "Mordobitia". It does not matter that this is, sports classes like boxing or karate or simple street fights.

A woman scares the view of bruises and abrasion. Having experienced for the health of the partner, she cannot calmly treat his blood. Just unpleasant the desire to watch similar types of competitions, sitting at the TV screen. As a rule, women do not accept aggression and do not understand that fascinating can be found in contemplation of beating.

The knighthood gell in verses and classical novels, but, nevertheless, the female part of the population disapprovingly looks at the struggle of a man with windmills. For her, it is also swinging fists. Especially in modern life.

Guidance of a man with role-playing games is irritating, because a woman thinks it's time to stop living with fairy tales and pay attention to reality. Moreover, fonding battles on swords, ours are not particularly manifesting their talents in everyday life. And all the home problems are completely lying on the shoulders of a woman.

Natural irritation causes fascination with computer games. It is difficult to maintain a mental balance, seeing a man constantly only from the back. A man is not engaged in the economy, not interested in his wife, and practically falls out of real life.

Asks, why do you need a similar element? And do not happen with time to look with him dust, as well as all other furniture? Moreover, such entertainment requires a considerable cash investment. What is also not welcomed by women.

Collectors litter an apartment with no necessary junk. If these things were represented at least some value, then a woman would have encouraged a man. But, as a rule, this trash is fragments of boards, beer banks, pieces of wires and other rubbing, which occupies the place and interferes with the apartment in order. It is said that this way a man compensates for the lack of toys in childhood. But should it be easier from this?

Pretty rarely men are found to visit shops and buy everything that will fall into their eyes. Pullovers, jeans, shirts, costumes. They consider themselves the connoisseurs of all fashion trends, and constantly criticize their women because they do not have enough taste and dress not as follows. The right word, the impression is as if you live with a friend, and not with a man!

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