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Modern materials for props

To the delight of artists, props makers and cosplayers, a large number of high-quality and professional materials for props have recently become available.

Thermoplastic Worbla

Worbla is a modern thermoplastic sheet, very handy to work with, which greatly simplifies the artist's life. The simple principle is that it softens when heated and shaped by hand, and when cured, it becomes rigid and holds its shape well.


Polycast is a modern, sheet thermoplastic with similar technical properties to Worbla, reinforced with mesh. It works on the same principle - when heated, it softens and becomes malleable (has a higher softening point), is shaped by hand and glued together without the use of additional materials, after cooling it becomes hard and holds its shape well.

Polycast is suitable for the creation of any shapes of different complexity, ideal for the creation of bases in the manufacture of props under the primer. Its big advantage over its colleague Worbla is its affordable price.

EVA foam

EVA (full-name ethylene vinyl acetate) is a polyolefin resin obtained by copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer. EVA is distinguished as a separate material because of its percentage of vinyl acetate content. EVA has a vinyl acetate content of 10 to 50% instead of PVC (100% vinyl acetate). EVA has properties similar to but superior to polyethylene. It can withstand deformation and return to its original shape. EVA is a light and fine porous material, similar to set foam. The main properties that characterise EVA material are as follows:

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties;
  • Buoyancy with low water absorption;
  • Suitability for thermoforming.

This material is very suitable for the creation of various props, for example for the creation of Apex Legends costumes.


Varaform (comes in rolls, prices are per running meter) Varaform is the same polymer as Worbla (A type of modified polyester) based on x./b. threads. Varaformis a modern thermoplastic with a mesh-like appearance. Easy to use, works on the principle of wobble - softens on heating and moulds by hand, it glues together without additional materials, elastic in warm condition. It holds its shape well after curing and is elastic. It can be overlaid with different materials.

Double CAST

DoubleCast is an extraordinary material brought back from orthopaedics. It is ecologically friendly and easy to use. Absolutely smooth texture, thickness of the material is 1,6 mm. Very good stretching, becomes transparent when reaching operating temperature, super ductile, the rigidity of the final product is high.

Double Flex

DoubleFlex is an analogue of the well-known wonderflex under a different brand name. It is a thermoplastic material with fabric reinforcement on both sides and a thickness of 1.2 mm. The material is malleable, activates when heated, has limited stretching due to the reinforcement, the DoubleFlex end-product is very rigid. Can be bonded together without additional materials.


Strictly speaking, Polymorphus is a self-curing thermoplastic. This means that when heated it becomes malleable and mouldable and when cooled it gets all the properties of plastic: it becomes hard and elastic but very durable. Polymorphus is unique in that it reaches the plastic state at only 65 degrees Celsius. Thanks to that, it is possible to make plastic products at home without any additional means, i.e. directly by hand!

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