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Marine Sharpshooter 3: Friv Game Review

Jarhead Studios are deservedly veterans of the budget shooter market url. On their account such "masterpieces" as DMZ: North Korea , Army Ranger: Mogadishu , World War II Sniper: Call to Victory and many others. Among them there is also the Marine Sharpshooter line , which has recently been replenished with the third part. The gameplay, as before, is described with one short phrase: we go through the level and kill the terrorists. This time Iran will play the role of the toilet.

"Here is a bullet whizzed through, and - aha!" (c)

So enjoy yourself. Intelligence has reported that Iranian intelligence agencies want to strike a deal with the famous black market businessman Kesler. At stake is no more, no less - weapons of mass destruction. Yes, yes, the very nuclear bomb that the world community has suspected Tehran of in recent years. So, so that the dangerous toy does not fall into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, the US command sends on an important mission ... as many as two soldiers: a sniper and his spotter.

These two, however, are worth an entire battalion of marines. A stern man with a sniper rifle lays down the enemy in stacks, barely seeing the horizon. His fellow submachine gunner carries out those who are lucky enough to get too close. That is, in theory, everything should look like this. In practice, however, it turns out a little differently. To begin with, the enemies have a truly elephant hide, easily taking on a couple of shots from a large-caliber Barrett. Moreover, these pain-insensitive Über-Zoldaten do not even twitch from being hit, continuing to shove ahead like tanks. That's why they need to aim exactly at the head.

Being an absolute down, AI resorts to dishonest techniques and scripts. For example, you are walking along the street, carefully taking pictures of the shooters who are sitting on the roofs. And suddenly a crowd of Iranians flew out from around the corner, covered a distance of a hundred meters in a few seconds and opened fire almost point-blank. It is useless to fight back - you won't be able to kill everyone from a sniper rifle, and here, in theory, a spotter should help out. However, a comrade too often withdraws into himself. Yes, he leaves so that he loses all interest in the environment. They shoot at him - he ignores, and also turns his back to the offenders. And that's right, why associate with some mortals, if he himself is invulnerable. There are two ways out in this situation. You can try to make your legs to the nearest shelter, firing back from pursuers on the go. Or you can ... hide behind your partner and use him as a human shield. The most amusing sight, I tell you!

By the way, you can switch between characters at any time. We leave the sniper in the rear, and send his colleague for reconnaissance. Do you dare? As soon as it smells of fried, we quickly change the shell and coolly destroy the simpletons who have pecked the bait. Paradoxically, taking into account such tricks, it even becomes interesting to play. Entertain yourself, so to speak. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to diversify the sour races on the dunes. Instead of creating several detailed levels, the developers crammed a dozen desert maps onto disk. With its vast open spaces, Marine Sharpshooter 3 even slightly resembles Armed Assault. It is worth adding: from which they extracted all the semantic content, leaving stupid enemies and the rudiments of primitive tactics.

Towards the end, I will be able to sit behind the wheel of a mobile coffin, vaguely reminiscent of a Hummer (it seems to me that an office janitor was part-time in his 3D model). This miracle even obeys some laws of physics and can roll over, hitting a roadside stone. The presence of American military equipment on the territory of Iran is, however, somewhat perplexing. Indeed, according to the plot, our couple acts as a sabotage detachment, while the US army refrains from direct military intervention. Here and there, smashed T-72s are stuck, and enemy soldiers are rolling out Uncle Sam on army trucks. Mi-8 next to the Chinook on the deck of an aircraft carrier ... I understand that the budget was very limited, but so much!

It's just scary to talk about graphics. One can only admire the courage of Jarhead Studios, releasing this over and over again. The wilderness is diversified by ubiquitous crates, rusty cars and bare bunkers. In city missions you have to contemplate the dull streets of the same type, filled with gray boxes of buildings and all sorts of rubbish such as bricks and garbage cans. Of course, you will not be able to see a single civilian - only soldiers and mercenaries. A dull film of clouds floats sleepily overhead, and thick jelly flops in the river, having never heard of any shaders there before.

The shot enemies perform acrobatic performances that would be the envy of honored circus workers. Corpses jump, twitch in endless agony, wriggle in a ring, and generally imitate life after death in every possible way. One has only to turn away, as the newly-minted dead will immediately dump in an unknown direction. There will be no blood stains, no weapons - cunning, damn it, devils! But if the trophy ammunition dissolves in the endless sands, how then to replenish the ammunition? It's very simple. Cartridges at our command just fall from the sky. Yeah, like in Worms - in a container on a parachute. I can imagine how an airship hovered somewhere in the distant cold stratosphere, from where the third member of the squad in a warm sheepskin coat throws off the equipment ...

Final comments

So we wander from checkpoint to checkpoint, hunting flocks of stray humanoids with machine guns. Jarhead Studios have once again confirmed that instead of a head, they have a tin can with long expired contents. You can try, but you run the risk of volvulus.

Gameplay: the sniper hits from afar, but always for sure! You can also ride a typewriter.
Graphics: how not to be spurious here…
Sound: shots are juicy, but the work of the actors deserves sincere regret.
For how long?: there is already a coffee stand ... for tea too. So we will let sunbeams!


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