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Greedy child how to deal with it?, Baby and parents | Birth of a child and raising children. Tips for young parents

Children are a big joy for parents. As soon as the baby appeared on the light, they could not get enough. It grows rapidly, develops, changes, and together with him recognize new and his parents. But for them, their child's worship is not always so simple.
At the beginning, except for crying and material expenses, the crumb does not cause any difficulties. But when a child is growing up, many questions come up in front of the parents: how to teach it to purity, accuracy and so on. Children, about two years old, are manifested by their qualities, including greed. Sooner or later, almost all the kids are greedy with their own things. And, of course, parents are alarmed: "And what if he remains so? He will not have friends. "
All parents seek to raise an ideal person or he should be better than them. Greed is one of the first defects with which you need to fight. Some children may not manifest greed. They play together calmly, change toys or books. But how to act if the child shouts: "This is mine! I'm not giving it!"? Very unpleasant to parents when the eldest and ashamed of the younger, if he does not want to share friends with children. How to deal with it, and what measures to take, and whether it is worth taking them at all, maybe the child will grow up?
With greed necessarily need to fight, but it is necessary to do with understanding. Do not scold a child for it, because he can block in himself and will incorrectly perceive the situation. After all, for him, parents are all, and he is small and understand the course of your thoughts. He will very differently will take this situation as if you do not love him and defend someone else's child. The greed will overcome, so you will not succeed and aggression and anger can be born in it in it.
I will not achieve any persuasion too, in this case the result will not be at all or will be only for parents, that is, the child will share when daddy with her mother so that they are not angry, and without them. So punishment and persuasions are also meaningless.
The most correct solution in this case is to understand the child. What is a toy for your baby? This is his first personal "property", he rejoices this toy, he is sincerely tied to her. It is like a mobile phone or an adult machine. But we do not give a neighbor for a couple of days a car ride? What then do we want from our karapuz?
Realizing this aimed at the child aggression will leave. And explain to him that it is possible to change toys, and you still take your toy and leave another baby to another baby. And your child will feel support from parents and understand. And it's not scary if your crumb will not want to share something. This is a normal stage in the development of the child, in due time we all greeted. Do not forget that if something is forbidden to us, then I want it stronger, but when we are forced, then we are reluctant. So do not expose such flies your child.
Remember your childhood and learn to understand your child. Come on the vices of this age are not so scary, most importantly - be your baby reliable support, rear and example, do not greading, buy baby toys. orbex space

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