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Five tips on how to write an essay on your smartphone

Have you ever wondered how smartphones have changed our lives? They accompany us everywhere we go with our cell phones. They are our faithful friends with whom we spend most of our time. Just as we enrich our knowledge, electronic devices are upgraded with storage, screens and processors.

However, what if you have to write an essay on smartphone for a variety of reasons? You should always be prepared for the unexpected, such as no internet, your laptop breaking down, and so on.

So you have two options: the first leads directly to writing services. The second option is to read this article, which will give you a clear idea of how to complete an essay on your cell phone.

Notebook is a must.

It goes without saying that you must polish your essay before you submit it to your teacher, and in order to polish your document, you must write drafts. Notebooks such as Google Keep or Evernote can help you keep track of specific things about the essay.

Moreover, if you take Evernote, you can share your documents with colleagues if you are working on an article together. Undoubtedly, it can be run without an internet connection and has two versions, free and paid.

Google Docs.

Given our work, our team also has to work with our phones, regularly taking notes on various aspects. And, obviously, we love typing on our phones. It goes far beyond jotting down a sentence or two. Some of our staff can even write an entire article over the phone without any inconvenience.

Next, we highly recommend you use Google Docs on your smartphone because a) it's free, to say the least; b) it's incredibly easy to use thanks to the thoughtful approach of the developers, who update the app before releasing it; and last but not least, c) it syncs with all of your devices, whether it be your laptop, computer or phone. Regardless of which device you're currently working with, you can quickly switch to another without losing data.

Grammar keyboard

With the Grammar Keyboard, you're guaranteed to hone your syntax as well as your vocabulary, making your paper flawless and unprecedented. In addition, the aforementioned keyboard doesn't require much space and works very quickly and smoothly. We would venture to say that this is the most significant advantage smartphones have over laptops in terms of writing, because when it comes to laptops, you can use Grammarly directly in the app or in Google documentation.

That said, if you're writing something in Google Keep or even Messenger, you need to copy your text, go to the Grammarly website and paste your text or drag and drop your document there to correct any errors you might make. Conversely, if you tend to write something on your smartphone, you don't need to drag and drop or paste anything. The keyboard itself is a Web site, no matter where you write the text, errors will be corrected at the same time. Although Grammarly offers two options, one of them paid, using the keyboard is free, just download it and enjoy writing flawless and clean essays.

Thesaurus Dictionary.

Not to mention this is an app that is vital and necessary if you want to write an article on your smartphone. The app can be a widespread dictionary that we all know about. A huge plus of this is that it is extremely lively and gives you dozens of synonyms and antonyms for a particular word. You don't need to have an Internet connection to run the app. Well, you do need it, but only to download it from the store.

Is there a word you've never heard of but adore? Add it to your bookmarks and use it anytime. Prefer to work at night or early in the morning? Adjust the background to your preference. You can easily switch to a dark mode to keep your vision at night and a light mode if you like working outside.

In addition, there is a feature called word of the day, which shows the word you use most often during the day. Not much, but it's still good to be aware of what language is popular with people. It will make you younger regardless of your actual age; we're sure of it.

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