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Cosplay: how is it with us? And how is it with them?

Floating through the vast expanses of the Internet, I have repeatedly encountered various communities dedicated to cosplay in our country. And if in the past our cosplayers were more like the cosplayers, not having wide access to costumes and other attributes whisper of the worm - now our cosplayers can easily compete with the Japanese.

The Japanese youth may look more like their own heroes. But how nice to look at something native.

We look at others, but sometimes we forget about the beauty of people living nearby. And looking at foreign cosplayers - we laugh at ours - wrapped in a curtain and with a frying pan instead of a rod in his hand. Well, to each according to his income and according to his means.

The older generation, for the most part, rarely adequately perceives such hobbies. But remember yourself when you were young? When you, our dear moms and dads, scoured the underground markets for jeans. Remember the "Stilyag" generation in brightly colored outfits - which were looked upon reproachfully and obliquely by socialist grannies. Cosplayers and other young (and not only) people who express themselves and their soul in this way are a bit like you.

What is the usefulness of such hobbies

Many may confidently state that it is a manifestation of inadequacy. But the facts speak for themselves. At festivals dedicated to the hobby (let's call it that), journalists asked the participants about why it is not only young people, but also fully mature, established in life people involved in costume games.

Firstly, any hobby is an emotional discharge.

Secondly, entering the image of a favorite character, we get a lot of positive emotions, even if this life is someone else's, but sometimes it is nice to be a different person (or not really a person) and experience something magical.

Thirdly, a lot of new acquaintances with similar interests. No matter how you spin it, there are a lot of cosplayers, and there is someone to hang out with. And sometimes find not only friends but a life partner - who will support you not only in your hobbies, but in life in general.

This is a small part of the reason why you should not treat these people as something pretentious and sometimes illegal (it happens).

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