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Cliché phrases for writing essays

As statistics show, the exam in such a subject as social studies is the most popular among graduates who prefer the humanities.

As for all subjects, it is necessary to prepare for the USE in social studies well in advance in order to show a decent and high result at the exam itself, which is required in many leading higher educational institutions of the country. In practice, the most difficult task is C9, where the graduate is required to write an extended essay.

An essay is a kind of essay. In this exam task, the student is required to choose one particular social science problem, the relevance of which is extremely high, and write an essay on it, expressing his point of view and providing a sufficient number of arguments to prove it.

In addition to knowledge of the topic, the student must also demonstrate his or her speaking skills. For the completeness of the essay, you should use all the well-known cliché phrases for essays, examples of which are given in this article. If you don't have time to write an essay, then go to SpeedyPaper.


The first part of the essay consists of three positions.

The first is the author's position. The graduate should identify and articulate the problem that the author addresses.

The second - the relevance.

The third is the personal opinion of the writer. Here the student has to express agreement or disagreement with the author's opinion. The student may agree or disagree with the author either completely or partially, citing the part in the author's quote with which he or she disagrees.

Cliché in the introduction

For the part with the author's opinion where the problem is to be formulated, cliché phrases can be used such as:

  • The author of the statement raises a problem such as.
    the author of the quotation means that.
    the author of the aphorism implies that.
  • The second position in the first part, concerning relevance, can be diluted with the following phrases:
    the topic in question is quite relevant
    in our time it is not uncommon for this to happen...
  • I have encountered this problem many times in my life
    the problem is relevant not only for me personally but for society as a whole (humanity, country, world)
    the author's quote makes me think about such a problem as.

The third part is a personal opinion of the writer, where such cliché phrases are not superfluous:

  • one cannot disagree with the author of the statement that.
  • I completely agree with the author's opinion that.
  • like the author himself, I hold the same opinion that.
  • I partially disagree with the author's view that.
  • I strongly disagree with the author's idea of the problem...
  • the author of the statement, in my opinion, is wrong in saying that.

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