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Buy a cosplay costume weapon

Is the enemy coming? Here you can buy cool cosplay replicas, bows, swords, laser weapons and more! To the weapons!

The world of cosplay is not all peace, joy and happiness. Sure, there are plenty of collaborations and helpful communities, and many outfits and costumes are created with other people, but when it comes to the finished work in the form of a full cosplay outfit with styling and makeup... That's where the cosplay pro battle can unfold, especially at conventions and contests. Aprospos fight, we also have CosplayHero cosplay weapons like the Bolt Pistol 40k from Warhammer, which you can buy online and order without risk.

Of course, we only have demonstration weapons or decorative items in our arsenal that are as harmless as children's toys.

First, we think it is unnecessary to offer real weapons, as they only create an unnecessary risk of injury. Also, many showrooms and events do not allow you to enter the room with real or sharp weapons. You can only look at people over their heads. Or in front of a mask. Now you're disappointed and think it's totally uncool? Don't panic, no one will think your cosplay is less cool just because you can't shoot deadly poisonous arrows or your battle hammer doesn't weigh a few hundred pounds. What matters is the show effect and the fun!

With a little paint, if at all necessary for a large cosplay weapon, and a few sound effects, the illusion of a dangerous war toy can be perfectly maintained. That way you'll make a real impression every chance you get, and you'll stay in viewers' memories for a long time.

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