Commercial Banner Advertising Rates is currently offering Banner Advertising Rates to reach the participants of the forums. provides the following advantages to your organization over standard banner advertising agencies:

Traveltalkonline uses the industry standard banner size of 468 by 60 pixels and all banners are displayed in the upper portion of the page for maximum exposure to your customers. A customer who clicks on your banner will be taken directly to the individual page that you assign to a specific banner. This allows you to target specific products or services that you offer with specific banner campaigns. For an explanation of banner ad marketing on the internet please see: Banner Ad Marketing. TravelTalkOnline offers your organization marketing advantages over your competitors. For a listing of some of the advantages that TravelTalkOnline can offer see: Traveltalkonline Advantages. Traveltalkonline is currently displaying in excess of 2,000,000 banners per month to the readers and posters of these forums.

All banner campaigns are for a single business and/or domain. If you have multiple businesses or domains then please contact us with the specifics for pricing.

Commercial Banner Rates:

Six (6) month banner campaign includes the following:

One (1) year banner campaign includes the following: is a division of Information Resources, Inc. and is the PayPal contact for all payments. You do not need a PayPal accoutn to use the TTOL Shop for your payments, but you will need a US or Canada billing address. If you do not have a US or Canada billing address I can also accept Visa/Mastercard and American Express for payment.

The above Rates may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Should you wish to advertise on these Forums or have any additional questions, please contact: Traveltalkonline Sales

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